Youth politics has lived up to its reputation for viciousness in the past few days, with senior members of Conservative Future (CF) dripping poison about their ex-comrade, UKIP defector Alexandra Swann. After the former CF deputy chair crossed the floor, young Tory boys (and Tory girls) have been queuing up to put the boot in — […]

A prominent member of the Conservative Party’s youth wing has finally apologised for a racist blog post after being slammed by a charity. Steven George-Hilley’s blog London Spin last week published an article entitled Young Tory: Gypos Mugged me on King’s Road, which contained references to “gypsy magic” and was accompanied by a photograph of […]

Right-wing blog London Spin yesterday reported a member of Conservative Future being mugged — by referring to the offenders as “gypos” with an accompanying photo of a black and white minstrel. In the piece, titled “Young Tory: Gypos mugged me on King’s Road”, the victim describes the mugging as a “very slick operation” before concluding: “I suspected they’d used some […]