London resident Prince Charles incurred expenses of £20,000 to visit poverty-stricken areas of the capital hit by the riots last summer, official documents have revealed. Charles and Camilla flew down from Aberdeen to London and back using a luxurious jet aircraft which had previously been shunned by the Queen because it was too expensive. The heir […]

As markets around the world continue to plummet and London shops are boarded up in preparation for a fourth consecutive night of rioting, some sections of the economy are still doing well. Tweeter Johnn Fraser points out that sales of baseball bats and police-style side handled batons are up more than 5,000% on Amazon UK, pushing them […]

Having finally returned from holiday after three nights of rioting, volunteers helping with the cleanup operation following last night’s riots in Clapham were cleared out of the area this afternoon — so Boris Johnson could go on a walkabout for the cameras. Hundreds of helpers were led away from the area and made to wait […]

Conservative MEP Roger Helmer is not known for a measured, thoughtful approach to public policy, but with his response to the London riots he has really excelled himself. In a tweet this morning, the mustachioed climate change denier sent a message to the Government’s emergency cabinet meeting saying rioters should be summarily executed: Helmer’s comments were […]