Lechourous Daily Sport columnist and aspirant London Mayor Lembit Opik is back with a new campaign video, casting the former MP as the star of the BBC comedy series Citizen Smith. As The Indy’s diary column observes wryly, Wikipedia’s description of the series has relevance to Opik beyond comedy: Citizen Smith starred Robert Lindsay as “Wolfie” Smith, a […]

Faced with a “straight choice” between walking midlife crisis Lembit Opik and, erm, household names such as Jeremy Ambache, Shas Sheehan and Duwayne Brooks, the decision by the Liberal Democrats’ regional board to block a mayoral nomination shortlist being put to members in London last month didn’t come as a surprise. But if this tweet from the former […]

Not content with holding rallies at The Ministry of Sound and having the support of Idris Elba From The Wire (Coolest TV Show In The World™), the Oona King for London Mayor campaign has today received another boost in the hipster stakes with a YouTube video by comic actor David Schneider: The video was both […]

Having last week raised the prospect of taking Boris’ buffoon act to the Nth degree Lembit Opik  has announced that he will stand for Mayor of London “if London wants it and Lib Dems want it”. The former Montgomeryshire MP and columnist for newstand pornographers the Daily Sport* told BBC Breakfast this morning: “I’m potentially standing for […]