A controversial security contractor criticised for its use of cheap labour via the government’s workfare schemes has gone bust owing HMRC nearly £600,000 in unpaid taxes, Political Scrapbook can reveal. Close Protection UK were authorised to fulfil an £850,000 Olympic fire marshals contract despite being embroiled in the ‘Jubilee Stewards’ scandal, which saw unemployed people […]

An Olympics construction firm looked to block jobseekers from working on the site of the Aquatics Centre — simply for their trade union activities. In a letter sent to the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), Balfour Beatty said they checked job applicants against an illegal blacklist operated by the Consulting Association. The news comes as a blow […]

Perhaps inspired by Aidan Burley, Lib Dem Greg Mulholland took to Twitter last night to promulgate his observations on the Olympic closing ceremony. Observing Jessie J’s flesh-coloured leotard decorated with sparkly bits, the Leeds MP claimed that the Domino singer’s outfit reminded him of a particular grooming practice beloved of The Only Way Is Essex: “Why is Jessie J dressed […]

Scrapbook wonders how Aidan Burley’s complaint that the London 2012 opening ceremony was “multi-cultural crap” will be received by the Pakistani Olympic delegation — whose only medal hope, the hockey team, stayed in Burley’s Cannock constituency while preparing for the games. His remarks are particularly embarrassing given that the opening ceremony specifically highlighted immigration from Commonwealth countries […]

With companies falling over themselves to profit from the Olympics — but without breaching onerous legislation designed to protect official sponsors such as McDonald’s — we had to admire this bit of brinkmanship from Specsavers. Perhaps staff at Hampden Park could do with an eye test. Political Scrapbook is officially a website during the Olympic games.

UPDATE: Cllr Wedderburn was subsequently censured by a council committee, which also found that he had told the competition winner to “fuck off”. How charming. A Tory councillor subjected a member of the public to a booze-fuelled tirade at an official Olympic torch event. Cllr Laurance Wedderburn offered the combination of hot weather, stress and […]

Beleaguered private security firm G4S are seeking a PR Manager who has “personal credibility”, seemingly to lift them out of the negative coverage hole they’ve found themselves in the wake of the Olympic security fiasco. The advert, caught by Simon Francis, promises a £35-40k salary, but the successful candidate will have their work cut out […]

Shareholders in G4S must have enjoyed the appearance of company executives before the Home Affairs Committee, in which CEO Nick Buckles refused to give up the firm’s £57 million management fee for the Olympics security contract — despite admitting that it was a “humiliating shambles”. With Buckles in the hotseat from around midday, shares rallied briefly […]