The government is struggling to find someone to run its discredited lobbying ‘transparency’ regime, brought in — along with measures to crack down on charities and campaign groups — under the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act (aka Gagging Bill). Public Affairs News reported back in June: “The Cabinet Office is racing to finalise […]

It seems as though Lib Dem whip Jenny Willott has been taking tips from her mendacious government colleague Simon Hughes (DETAILS) in making grossly misleading statements about how she has voted in parliament. With MPs voting yesterday on sanity-inducing amendments pegged onto the Lobbying Bill by peers, the Cardiff MP tweeted that she supported “almost […]

Faced with the prospect of a crushing defeat at the hands of Lords crossbenchers, the coalition has been forced into a humiliating climbdown on the Lobbying Bill.  And with the legislation — the parliamentary charge of Andrew Lansley — now the subject of a six-week pause, it’s worth remembering the last time this happened and who […]

The Lobbying Bill is already notorious for its prospective clobbering of charities and other campaign organisations while doing virtually nothing to deal with actual lobbyists. But the rushed legislation is so horrendously drafted that it could even stymie the government’s own £24 million community organisers programme. The community organisers code of conduct ostensibly advocates campaigning and/or lobbying to […]

David Cameron’s adviser Lynton Crosby has been accused of exploiting weaknesses in transparency legislation to keep his Australian lobbying secret — with the same loophole featuring in the British Lobbying Bill. As Scrapbook reported earlier this month, Crosby is cashing in on his connections to the new right-wing government in his native Australia — with no less […]

Having served up one of the worst pieces of legislation in living memory, it’s worthwhile reflecting on the efforts made to silence criticism from one of the main victims Lobbying Bill: the charitable sector. Being published in the July with an almost complete absence of consultation, it took charities a couple of weeks to get to grips […]

Apparently, being amongst four blogs (and the TaxPayers’ Alliance and Owen Jones) name-checked by Angela Eagle at the opening of the Lobbying Bill debate this afternoon passes for news over at Guido Fawkes: Such is their level of obsession with this website, they couldn’t resist having a go: “No mention of that Scrapbook site. Whatever happened to them?” What happened […]