The Liberal Democrats’ retreat from their own record in government is by no means limited to the Bedroom Tax, with justice minister Simon Hughes coordinating the latest reverse ferret. With the children’s commissioner pointing out an obvious consequence of legal aid cuts — that rights guaranteed by UN conventions are being denied vulnerable children — Hughes swung […]

With alleged sex pest Mike Hancock forced to resign his cabinet role on Portsmouth City Council, the Portsmouth News have published a gushing commiseration letter from local Lib Dem leader Gerald Vernon Jackson: “I regret that recent circumstances have led to this position. You have always firmly denied the accusations against you but the English Party decided […]

Grassroots Lib Dem members in Portsmouth appear to be setting themselves at odds with the City’s council leadership over the Mike Hancock ‘sexual harassment’ scandal. With the MP and councillor narrowly clinging on to his top role in the Portsmouth cabinet, the party’s executive in the city have released a statement saying they “regret” the […]

Portsmouth’s most senior female councillor quits Lib Dem group Move comes after Liberals let Hancock keep top council role Cllr Eleanor Scott “previously raised concerns” with Lib Dem HQ Committee member investigating says he is ‘protecting his friend’ The fallout from the botched cover-up of harassment allegations against Mike Hancock would be hilarious if it […]

The High Court has ruled that Mike Hancock’s accuser can have access to the full unredacted version of the Pascoe Report — commissioned by Portsmouth City Council and written by a QC specialising in abuse cases — into sexual harassment allegations: High Court rules alleged victim of Councillor and MP Mike Hancock can see full […]

With Nick Clegg’s failure to take action against Lord Rennard plastered across the papers today, the link with another ‘sex case’ featuring even more sickening allegations against a national Lib Dem politician has gone unremarked in the mainstream media. Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock — who is also a councillor in the city — is currently subject […]

Parliament’s biggest hypocrite Simon Hughes has decided to get on his high horse about the diversity of the legal profession, telling the Indy in his first interview as a justice minister that legal firms should: “proactively go out and look for people from all communities in Britain to be lawyers” He continues: “We still have a legal […]

With heating bills at the centre of the financial challenge facing stretched families, energy secretary Ed Davey has been thrust into the limelight on cost-of-living issues. Here’s an insight into how seriously his team take them, courtesy of his special adviser Chris Nicholson: Sunday Times report cost of Christmas meal will be 17% higher this year. Expecting calls […]

UPDATE: BIS have since denied such a screen exists. If you can’t tell Vince Cable what you think face-to-face, broadcasting it in his department is surely the next best thing: @IanMartin TIP – any tweet featuring @vincecable's twitter handle automatically appears uncensored on a big screen in BIS. Fill your boots. — Gideon Defoe (@gideondefoe) […]

A ‘call for evidence’ for Liberal Democrats to submit allegations of sexual harassment against Lord Rennard gives them less than one week to to do so. With a police probe dropped on 26 September, an internal inquiry into the peer is being conducted by QC Alastair Webster. Chief executive Tim Gordon included an appeal for information in his regular […]