Scrapbook reported in January on the complete absence of Nick Clegg in one particular leaflet going out in his own constituency — and it seems his Lib Dem colleagues aren’t enthused either. With the crowd-sourced website re-launched for the short campaign, a trawl of new Lib Dem leaflets conducted by the site’s operators failed to uncover a single […]

Campaigners for Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams have been delivering the following leaflet, claiming that he helped his party “save our forests from privatisation”: Errrrr. So why did he back the privatisation plans in a three line whipped vote, assessed by the independent website Public Whip as indicating “very strong” support for the sale of England’s state-owned forests? It seems […]

Deputy leader of council took snap during opening day for local crematorium Operational facility had already performed 400 services for local families. Two grandparents in their eighties were cremated on previous day Sitting Lib Dem MP and party HQ refuse to offer comment or support A Lib Dem defending a marginal seat could become the first casualty of the general election campaign […]

The unpopular Communications Allowance, which saw MPs spending up to £21,000 on constituency newsletters and surveys etc, was abolished at the height of the expenses scandal — but the news doesn’t seem to have filtered through to Mike Thornton MP (Chris Huhne’s replacement in Eastleigh). Thornton is sending out identical letters about problems of booking appointments with […]

A Liberal Democrat general electio leaflet being distributed in Nick Clegg’s constituency doesn’t mention the deputy prime minister once — despite being printed in his own office. Having spent five years in coalition with the Conservative Party, Clegg’s team have the brass neck to try and attack Labour over proposed cuts: A party which will adopt Tory policies […]

Political Scrapbook can lift the lid on Vince Cable’s links to a 2014 plot to overthrow Nick Clegg — dubbed the most “ham-fisted attempt at a coup since Mark Thatcher”. The business secretary used a series of bizarre excuses and sent misleading information to the standards tsar while attempting to shirk responsibility for his failure to declare a […]