Nick Clegg to Lib Dem conference: “So I have a message for Labour today: you can’t just duck responsibility for the past – refuse to spell out what you’d do in the future – and expect people to give you a blank cheque.” The Lib Dems won’t give you a blank cheque but you can […]

After painful-to-watch attempts at “comedy” from the likes of Sarah Teather and Andrew Stunnell, the Liberal Democrats will crown the awkwardness of their party conference with a Glee Club, a chorus singalong, as recently popularised by the hit US TV series. And as the image above reveals (more lyrics), attendants are set for another cringeworthy […]

Conference always brings the oddball party members out in droves — and the Liberal Democrats aren’t to be outdone. Adapting the costume de rigeur of beard and sandals, delegate Matthew Whelan has turned up with beard and tattoos instead. The self-styled “King of Ink Land”, who has legally changed his name to, erm, “Body Art” […]

The Liberal Democrats courted public sector bodies for a day of party conference hospitality costing £1,545 per head, Scrapbook can reveal.  While Nick Clegg preached austerity to the conference hall, guests at the party’s ‘Corporate Day’ watched from their “VIP seating” having already enjoyed a “banquet lunch” offered to taxpayer-funded organisations as part of an aggressive marketing campaign. […]

UPDATE: Though he does use the past tense, a number of other councils were cited by Clegg on a specious basis: on Lambeth Council the Lib Dems formed a coalition with Tories from 2002 to, erm, 2006; they lost control of Liverpool City Council in May along with Southwark. Prior to the New Politics™ of coalition, the Liberal […]

Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy will miss Nick Clegg’s keynote conference speech later this afternoon after several sources spotted him on a train to London from Liverpool. He had already skipped a Guardian fringe event where he was the star billing. Kennedy was the only Liberal Democrat MP to vote against the coalition, whom […]

A very senior Liberal Democrat has reportedly made a number of close-to-the-bone quips about party colleagues over the weekend: “It’s great to see Liberal Democrat ministers speaking behind the despatch box – or hear them, in the case of Sarah Teather.” And coalition partners didn’t escape the sharp tongue of this market liberal: “Eric Pickles is the only […]

The Liberal Democrats’ very own court jester Lembit Opik was temporarily refused entry to their party conference this evening, according to Guardian deputy editor Ian Katz and Guido Fawkes. Delegates reported the former Montgomeryshire MP attempted the “don’t you know who I am” routine to unimpressed guards: “If he hasn’t got the paperwork he hasn’t got the […]

Nick Clegg has been leader of the Liberal Democrats for coming up to two years. But a poll conducted for the BBC shows that 28 percent of people don’t like him and another 36 percent of have never heard of him. American pollster Cornell Belcher has made a film about Cleggover and the Lib Dems […]