Scottish Cardinal and leading bigot Keith O’Brien took to the airwaves this morning, attempting to defend his Sunday Telegraph op-ed in which he described gay marriage as “grotesque” and “shaming the country”, comparing such unions with, erm, slavery: Imagine for a moment that the Government had decided to legalise slavery but assured us that “no one […]

A group of LGBT activists have taken an original approach to attacking social conservative Republican hopeful Rick Santorum, depicting the religious right’s favourite son by making a portrait collage of entirely out, erm, of gay porn. Since becoming one of the increasingly-dwindling hopeful few, Santorum has pledged that he will change the constitution to make gay marriage […]

This video clip captures the moment when Tea Party darling Michele Bachman was taken to task on homophobia by, erm, an eight year old. As the Republican congresswoman leans in close, the boy named Ellijah whispers to her: “Miss Bachman, my mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need fixing.” Alleged philanderer Herman Cain’s departure from the Republican candidacy […]

The Northern Irish health minister has ruled that the recently announced changes to blood donation rules, allowing gay men to donate for the first time, will not be implemented in Northern Ireland. Edwin Poots, who may be familiar to Scrapbook readers as a self-described “opponent of evolution”, cited public safety regarding blood-borne diseases as the […]

One of America’s most controversial practitioners of psychological techniques to suppress homosexuality is currently on a tour of the UK. David Pickup addressed a gathering at London’s Christian Legal Centre on Thursday and will speak again at a full-day event in Belfast tomorrow. Literature outlines a programme which will cover “therapeutic responses” to “resolve identity […]

The Leicester South by-election has turned dirty. A leaflet purporting to be from the Liberal Democrats and featuring a picture of two men kissing has been distributed in an Asian area of the city. The materials, which campaign organisers have confirmed as fake, are clearly an attempt to inflame anti-gay sentiment in the largely Muslim Spinney Hills area. The leaflet […]

Sayeeda Warsi has called for a “clean campaign” in the upcoming Oldham East by-election. Signing a pledge (not that this has been problematic recently) with candidate Kashif Ali, the Conservative Party chairman said: “After everything that’s happened in Oldham East and Saddleworth, the last thing we need now is underhand behaviour in our election campaign.” […]

The president of football’s ruling body FIFA faced calls for his resignation after saying gay fans should “refrain” from sex during the 2022 World Cup in the conservative Islamic nation of Qatar. “I would say they should refrain from any sexual activities.” Equally, the LGBT community might respond: We don’t mind FIFA officials being a […]

Apologies for the lacklustre rate of posting. We actually have more muckraking stories on the burner than we can handle! Please accept this by way of a Monday night stopgap: Watching a characteristically oleaginous performance opposite his real-life pal Andrew Neil on This Week last Thursday, Scrapbook’s editor posed the question: “As a person, what positive qualities […]