The official Tory LGBT twitter account has had a pop at UKIP dinosaur Roger Helmer, tweeting out a list of his frequent and offensive homophobic comments. Only thing is, he made most of the comments while he was still a Tory. The graphic, entitled ‘Roger Helmer’s Little Pink Book: Homophobic Quotations from UKIP’s Would-Be MP For UKIP’, lists nine […]

With Tesco’s Covent Garden branch prosecuted over a mouse infestation which saw critters grow to twice their normal size after gorging themselves on cake and raw chicken, conservative religious leaders know who to blame … the gays! The national director of Christian Voice told Pink News: “It is symptomatic of the bad management of Tesco. Any company which announces […]

Tory MP Craig Whittaker has come out against same sex marriage. Along with his statements that equality will lead to polygamy, three-way marriages and “who knows what else”, he says: “Marriage has a unique place in our society. It is a bedrock institution and the most stable environment for raising children. Redefining marriage would make marriage adult-centred rather […]

A Conservative MP has responded to a constituent’s letter on gay marriage by comparing the practice to polygamy and underage unions. In the letter, sent to Scrapbook via our tips box, Karl McCartney MP ranted that gay rights campaigners of “uprooting thousands of years of Christian tradition”. He then went on: “Nor are you advocating multi-partnership marriages, […]