MORE: READ LEAKED MURDOCH LEVESON EMAILS HERE A letter sent by 80 MPs and peers to Lord Justice Leveson warning about the dangers of press regulation was originally drafted by an executive at Associated Newspapers, the publishers of the Daily Mail, Scrapbook understands. The former editor of the Mail on Sunday, Peter Wright is said […]

As we revealed last week, Michael Gove told the Leveson Inquiry that he hadn’t heard of News Corporation’s $360m education subsidiary — despite spending two days with the executive in charge. A further trawl through documents obtained by this blog through raises further questions about Gove’s version of events. Internal emails from the Department for Education show […]

The evidence, including emails and texts, is out. When Adam Smith told Hunt that his decision not refer the BSkyB bid to the Competition Commission had an, erm, mixed reception, he replied: “… good to be a hate figure, Maggie would be proud of me!” In 1981 Margaret Thatcher famously waved Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of The Times […]

[update id=”update17″ time=”16:45″] Hunt’s account of Adam Smith’s resignation is particularly interesting: Jay: “Did you say to him at about 9.30 in the morning “‘everyone here thinks you need to go?’” Hunt: “Yes, I wasn’t particularly including myself in that description of ‘everyone’” And: Jay: “So if something had gone wrong…it theoretically fell within your […]

Inquiry grilled Gove on his links to News Corp subsidiary Claims he never heard of company until Guardian article But spent two days with company boss months prior Despite his close links with Rupert Murdoch’s companies, Michael Gove told the Leveson Inquiry that he had never heard of News Corporation’s education subsidiary, Wireless Generation, until […]

Adam Smith’s evidence to Leveson seems to be contradicting his resignation statement. Asked by Robert Jay QC whether the communications created the impression that Hunt’s office were too close to News Corporation, he said: “I don’t think the substance of what we’ve been through was inappropriate.” So why did he put his signature to this? “I appreciate […]

News this morning that Adam Smith, the special advisor at the centre of Huntgate (watch your spoonerisms there), will be appearing at the Leveson Inquiry next Thursday afternoon. He will take the stand immediately after News Corporation Europe’s former public affairs boss Frederic Michel, whose communications with Jeremy Hunt’s office hold the key to the […]

Scrapbook was amused to discover that the All-Parliamentary Media Group are operating under the delusion that one Jeremy Hunt will be speaking at their annual reception on 25 June. Events at the Leveson Inquiry this afternoon have heaped yet more doubt on whether the culture secretary will have a job by that point. After protestations […]