As though the thought of climbing into bed with Lembit Opik wasn’t scary enough, this year the former MP will be compering Brick Lane’s Halloween show “Cirque des Ombres“. Fronted by the the winner for Britsin’s Got Freaks Preacher Muad’dib, among the acts that Opik will introduce are light bulb eating, face drilling and fire […]

The Liberal Democrats’ very own court jester Lembit Opik was temporarily refused entry to their party conference this evening, according to Guardian deputy editor Ian Katz and Guido Fawkes. Delegates reported the former Montgomeryshire MP attempted the “don’t you know who I am” routine to unimpressed guards: “If he hasn’t got the paperwork he hasn’t got the […]

Having last week raised the prospect of taking Boris’ buffoon act to the Nth degree Lembit Opik  has announced that he will stand for Mayor of London “if London wants it and Lib Dems want it”. The former Montgomeryshire MP and columnist for newstand pornographers the Daily Sport* told BBC Breakfast this morning: “I’m potentially standing for […]

Self-styled lethario of the Commons Lembit Opik has hit the headlines for his “relationship” with a 21-year old lingerie model, ostensibly anchored in a mutual interest in a campaign on eating disorders. This is familiar territory for the serial sleazeball, who made big play of his relationships with weather presenter Sian Lloyd and Cheeky Girl […]