The latest bizarre career move in the increasingly implausible life of Lembit Opik is a foray into Iranian propaganda, cloaked under the veil of a ‘comedy’ news programme. At least Scrapbook think’s it’s supposed to be comedy, it’s hard to tell with Lembit. He’s taken on hosting duties on News At When, which airs on […]

Publicity hungry philanderer Lembit Opik is to participate in a wrestling match outside Parliament. The spindly-limbed former MP will take on a champion heavyweight wrestler in a bid to highlight the case of a controversial “kill or be killed” self-defence guru who has been banned from the UK by the Home Office. Opik has already organised […]

Those not reading the Guardian over the weekend may be unaware that housing minister and Eric Pickles sidekick Grant Shapps fancies himself as a hip hop MC — even performing a rendition of Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight for interviewer Simon Hattenstone: What’s his speciality? “Rapper’s Delight.” Well let’s hear it then? He looks at his minder, uncertainly. “Well this […]

Everyone’s favourite Segway riding electoral failure, Lembit Opik is hoping to combine his campaign to become Mayor of London with the other passion in his life – stand up comedy. Opik, whose debut comedy performance was awarded a charitable two stars by the Guardian,  is to appear at Islington’s George Orwell Inn tonight, presenting an […]

Lemit Opik is currently on Sky News’ paper review, where it took him less than two minutes to say something stupid: “Nick Clegg is putting some clear yellow water between us and the Conservatives.” At this time of crisis for the Liberal Democrats, its reassuring to hear the kidney function of the Deputy Prime Minister […]

A weak voting record on expenses has become the latest ammunition in the Liberal Democrat establishment’s bid to stop Lembit Opik securing the party’s nomination for London Mayor. Claims made by the “flamboyant” former MP included a £2,500 plasma TV screen — but he also voted against tightening up expenses rules. In a blog backing Assembly member […]

Lechourous Daily Sport columnist and aspirant London Mayor Lembit Opik is back with a new campaign video, casting the former MP as the star of the BBC comedy series Citizen Smith. As The Indy’s diary column observes wryly, Wikipedia’s description of the series has relevance to Opik beyond comedy: Citizen Smith starred Robert Lindsay as “Wolfie” Smith, a […]

Last year, the National House-Building Council organised an all-expenses-paid junket to Sweden for MPs on the All Party Parliamentary Group on Sustainable Housing, for which NHBC provides a secretariat. Politicians on the jolly included Labour MP Gordon Banks along with the then opposition housing spokesmen Grant Shapps and Lembit Opik. In an extremely boring corporate video produced following […]

Faced with a “straight choice” between walking midlife crisis Lembit Opik and, erm, household names such as Jeremy Ambache, Shas Sheehan and Duwayne Brooks, the decision by the Liberal Democrats’ regional board to block a mayoral nomination shortlist being put to members in London last month didn’t come as a surprise. But if this tweet from the former […]