Edging Labour by just a singe point in Lord Ashcroft’s constituency polling from January, government minister and serial fibber Simon Hughes seems to have hit upon a novel way to maximise the political utility of old campaign signs — painting over the bit which mentions the Lib Dems! Spot the Difference! Before, "Simon Hughes & the Liberal Democrats". […]

Scrapbook reported in January on the complete absence of Nick Clegg in one particular leaflet going out in his own constituency — and it seems his Lib Dem colleagues aren’t enthused either. With the crowd-sourced website ElectionLeaflets.org re-launched for the short campaign, a trawl of new Lib Dem leaflets conducted by the site’s operators failed to uncover a single […]

Voters across Glasgow awoke this week to find they had been relocated several miles westward by the Liberal Democrats. With parties entitled to a limited number of free deliveries for leaflets during election campaigns, a printing mix-up meant that leaflets featuring West of Scotland region candidates were delivered to the country’s largest city instead. A spokeswoman […]

News reaches Scrapbook that The Citizen, “South Edinburgh’s Community Newsletter since 1971”, will be endorsing Mike Pringle for the Edinburgh South seat in the Scottish Parliament. Borrowing from The Guardian’s “the liberal moment has come” endorsement of Nick Clegg in 2010, residents are told: Perhaps this support be related in some way to the newsletter being produced […]

Fourteen Conservative election candidates are under police investigation after leaflets delivered to thousands of properties across North Lincolnshire claimed Labour councillors “voted to increase car parking fees and charges”. Not only has there never been a vote on car parking charges but Labour made a commitment to freeze charges in local car parks for the […]

Voters in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, might feel Liberal Democrats were more “in touch with local people” if they relied a little less on lame pro forma copy produced 200 miles away — or at least bothered to proof read their leaflets. Scrapbook wishes Candidate Name every success in his/her campaign. Image: Kev Peel

Notorious for calling an opponent a “greasy-haired twat”, leaflets from Liberal Democrat Anna Pascoe are again raising eyebrows. Having seemingly discovered a cache of red printing ink, her colleagues in Cornwall have ditched the national Focus leaflets for a local by-election in Camborne North. With red Labour-style branding, the material tells voters (in bold red […]