Our Top Five most clicked stories of the last seven days were: Laurie Penny saved from speeding New York taxi – by Ryan Gosling George Galloway ‘I never drank alcohol’ claims to be disputed Brian Paddick publishes personal details along with accounts Boris Johnson escorted away from naked woman on dawn raid Now Boris challenged […]

Laurie Penny’s gonzo account of a UK Uncut protest against Vodafone was littered with her characteristic impassioned quotes from activists: “I have a friend with five kids, her youngest is eight months, and they’ve just taken away her benefits, and now you’re telling me they let Vodafone off six billion? How’s she going to look after […]

In her latest blog, Laurie Penny, who seems to have installed herself as a gateway to the protest movement for armchair-bound New Statesman readers, offers a mutually degrading comparison between dissent in the Middle East and Britain. Time, perhaps, to adapt John Rentoul’s anti-hyperbole device. Here is the first instalment of Scrapbook’s “Questions to which the […]

It’s amazing what a couple of glasses of free prosecco can achieve. Total Politics’ snapper at large Nick Pickles has caught über-feminista Laurie Penny plotting the revolution with, erm, family values Conservative Tim Montgomerie. Must have been quite a meeting of minds.

Conor Pope casts his eye over (political) World Cup punditry. With Sunder Katwala, Alastair Campbell and John Redwood lacing up their boots it seems that World Cup fever, a particularly virulent sporting malaise, has infected the British political blogosphere. Attempts at sporting insight (not to mention metaphors) have resulted in varying degrees of success. The output of […]