Ed Miliband’s leadership campaign has enlisted cricketing help in the fight against Tuesday’s emergency budget, encouraging “hundreds of people” to email 2005 Ashes hero Simon Jones: Speaking exclusively to Scrapbook, Jones said: “It was flattering to be contacted by Ed’s team regarding the budget. The 25% cuts for DCMS will see many sporting initiatives, such as […]

Diane Abbott has followed Ed Balls to become the last leadership hopeful to launch their website. With parts of the site unfinished, however, the launch seems somewhat premature. In a message  to 80,000 members on Labour’s email list, Abbott says “If you want to know more, you can visit my website www.diane4leader.co.uk“. But at the time of writing the “About Me” […]

Those that haven’t signed up to party emails and/or checked LabourList may have missed the belated arrival of Ed Balls’ leadership campaign website, edballs4labour.org. It’s Corrie-esque masthead gives a less corporate feel than the Milibands’ offerings and there is plenty of issues/policy content. But you needn’t discriminate – pay the competition a visit here: Andy Burnham / andy4leader.com David Miliband / davidmiliband.net Ed […]

Watching Newsnight’s leadership hustings on iPlayer earlier, if there’s one thing that this contest can do without, its glutinous pre-prepared lines (direct link to clip): “I think it’s very, very important that we don’t spend our time trying to dream a better yesterday. What we’ve actually got to focus on is how to build a […]

The following exchange made this blogger laugh. Alex Smith: Hi, David. I’m Alex from LabourList. David Miliband: Hi, Alan. Ironically enough, Miliband Snr has written for LabourList four times this year! Perhaps this demonstrates the extent to which some ministers may have been insulated from the Labour movement by their special advisers. Or, as LabourList’s newly installed […]

UPDATE: It’s official, she’s on the ticket. David Miliband reportedly spent the morning on the phone persuading MPs to nominate her. UPDATE II: Abbott secured 10 of McDonnell’s 16 supporters (shown in red below). McDonnell’s supporters failing to nominate her are Martin Caton, Jim Dowd, Frank Field, Dai Harvard, Ian Lavery and Graeme Morrice. Supporters of […]

LabourList reports that Keith Vaz has pushed Diane Abbott up to eight PLP nominations. Support of the contest’s only BAME candidate by someone who casts himself as a BAME standard bearer is not an immediate surprise. Gerri Peev observes, however, Abbott’s ribald, rather unparliamentary (but very funny) mockery of Vaz’s obsequious welcome to Alan Johnson as […]

Compass have released an email tool targeted at Labour MPs yet to submit their nominations. The (editable) pro-forma wording reads: Dear Labour MP, As the gatekeepers of the Labour Party leadership contest I believe you have a duty to ensure that all six declared candidates receive sufficient nominations to be on the ballot paper. I […]