Scrapbook plans to bookend Labour’s leadership contest with a series of caption competitions featuring the five contenders. Entries we canvassed privately for this snap from Ed Miliband’s rally at Haverstock School include: “This is the hand I spank David with” and … “Will you give me your second preference?” We are confident, however, that our readers […]

The bad-tempered arguments between supporters of the various Labour leadership candidates have not gone unnoticed. Until now, however, it was not apparent that such an approach had been encouraged officially by a campaign team. The strategy document below, from leadership hopeful Jim Garner MP, suggests activists should “bitch about the other candidates on Twitter”, adding […]

The leadership campaign took a turn for the surreal this evening as David Miliband found himself being chided on Twitter by Labour-voting muso Lily Allen. [Yes, honestly!] When asked in today’s Evening Standard as to the “best meal you’ve had in London”, the shadow foreign secretary said: “I had a fantastic takeaway from Masala Zone […]

You can always spot the tweets from David Miliband himself because they’re sent via text message. And he can’t spell anyone’s name right. First up, Dianne [sic] Abbott: The next victim of David’s deed poll service is John [sic] Cruddas: Suffice it to say the International Brotherhood of Jon were not impressed: See me after […]

With the most confident language used by any candidate thus far, Ed Miliband has claimed he is “within touching distance” of securing the Labour leadership. An email to supporters sent within the last hour repeats familiar riffs about winning back lower-income voters and casting David Miliband as the “big money” candidate while positioning the campaign as having the […]

Labour Students is notoriously right wing. During this blogger’s time as a student the story of the Scottish contingent’s journey to national conference, where they abandoned a group of Trots at a service station in Carlisle and then affixed an icepick to the front of the bus, was regularly (and boastfully) recounted. Today the left […]