Apologies for the lack of posts. As we found in Brighton last year, it’s difficult to blog from within the conference bubble but we promise to try harder tomorrow! We’ll be doing a roundup of the best events/receptions/parties in the morning but in the meantime check out FringeList. The highlight for many today was David […]

Amid feverish speculation on the final outcome, Betfair have suspended their market on Labour’s leadership contest. This is an odd move. Unlike bookies such as Ladbrokes, with Betfair’s betting exchange model the company are not exposed to losses and simply hoover up commission. There would be plenty of money to be made here. Do their experts […]

UPDATE 08:30 Betting was restored this morning with Ed favourite at 5/1 and David pushed out to 3/1 before odds were then suspended on the older Milibrother! UPDATE 09:10 Now Betfair suspend their market. Odd as, with an exchange model, they are not exposed to losses (unlike Ladbrokes). In the spirit of it being better […]

Having dispensed with Abbott and Balls, LabourList’s look back at the various leadership campaigns turned to Andy Burnham yesterday. Mark Ferguson writes that Burnham seemed to gain momentum after a slow start. Indeed, the talented and likeable former Health Secretary seemed trapped by his  “northern candidate” status: “Actually my pitch hasn’t been that I’m from the […]

Newbie MP and Labour Leadership contender (“contender”? Think “hopeful” will do – Ed.) Jim Garner has burnished his self-proclaimed maverick tendencies with his latest campaign video. Despite omission from the ballot paper due to a misunderstanding – Garner forgot to officially nominate himself, meaning he didn’t reach the required 33 CLP nominations – the South […]

It’s been doing the rounds for 24 hours now but this video of Ed Balls on the drums with guitarist David Evans makes for strangely compelling viewing.  Growing in confidence throughout the rendition of “A Thing Called Love” by The Darkness, after the minute mark Balls starts showing off with drum rolls and a switch […]