As Tory Bear posted on Tuesday, the LabourList drinks at party conference were gatecrashed by a couple of right wing bloggers. Filmed outside the (very nice) Royal Sovereign in Brighton, Scrapbook has blagged exclusive footage of an interview with Tory Bear by Will Straw of Left Foot Forward and Sunny Hundal of Liberal Conspiracy. The bear is quizzed […]

For some reason, Wednesday saw the number of wingnuts parked outside the secure zone at Labour conference increase exponentially. Here Jeremy Paxman listens intently as a young activist explains how the Queen Mother flew the plane into the south tower in a massive conspiracy organised by Shergar and bankrolled by Lord Lucan: Ironically, it’s a bit hard to blog […]

Labour bloggers have been invited to a special meeting with Ed Miliband at Labour conference today. This is a great chance to quiz Labour’s election manifesto co-ordinator and discuss the role of our “online army” in the forthcoming election campaign. It’s scheduled for 5:00pm in the press area, Brighton Centre. Go up the right flank of the building […]

As he worked the regional receptions yesterday evening, delegates speculated whether Gordon Brown was using the opportunity to warm up some language for use in his speech tomorrow. Labour had struggled “against the odds” for achievements such as the NHS and must fight “against the odds” in the next eight months. Watch out for this phrase […]