Having heard reports of near-adulation for Andy Burnham at lefty meetings and rallies in the last 12-months, the (two) standing ovations for the shadow health secretary come as no surprise to Scrapbook. Obviously enjoying himself, the Leigh MP couldn’t resist a gesture of encouragement as delegates started to shout: “Whose NHS? Our NHS!” This underscores his position as […]

In his speech to Labour conference setting out priorities for what would be his first budget, Ed Balls found time to reference his football encounter with the Northern Echo’s Rob Merrick: “Boris [is] scrambling back to Westminster, preparing to elbow David Cameron out of the way. But the less said about elbows today the better.” Boom boom.

As the Labour Party Conference comes to a close, opinion seems to have responded very favourably to Liverpool’s hosting facilities. According to one local taxi driver, however, a VIP guest was less than impressed with the amenities on offer. In advance of the conference, local police had closed down at least four local brothels and […]

An MP waiting in Labour’s temporary PLP office in Manchester was joined by his researcher yesterday, who had been dispatched to Boots to avail him of of some toothpaste. Explaining to those present that he had forgotten to bring a tube to conference the North London MP was asked about the state of his gnashers […]

Labour’s new media types will be escaping the confines of the secure zone for Manchester’s Northern Quarter tonight. “Event”, organised by LabourList and Left Foot Forward at the Night and Day Cafe on Oldham Street, features a panel discussion (8pm) followed by a party (9pm) . Scrapbook’s humble editor will be there so come and say “hello”!

Scrapbook couldn’t help but laugh at this Labour conference snap from Rupa Huq. Kudos to the staff at this Oxfam shop for their sense of humour: Slightly more pleasant than the following refrain from somewhat merry local clubbers: “You’re going home in a Tory ambulance!”