The Bristol East phone canvassing drive forming a main pillar of the discredited #KerryOut campaign reached an embarassing end on Sunday, achieving only a tiny fraction of its own target. After more than ten weeks of “activity” the totaliser on stood static at just 8% late last week, failing to make any significant progress before all traces of […]

An extremely witty email from a lefty politico set the old grey matter going yesterday: By the weekend nobody apart from Tory Bear will be talking about #KerryOut. Bar a few diary mentions, this is a story that even ConservativeHome can barely manifest enthusiasm for. The reason why most are ignoring it is the same […]

One assumes this is not what the so-called “independents” running the rather vicious #kerryout campaign had in mind: It seems the campaign has actually won a vote – and possibly a campaigner – for Kerry McCarthy in the form of a friend of tweeter and blogger OxfordSpring, who describes himself as a “Tory political obsessive”. Also […]