Leaving no stone unturned, Boris Johnson’s mayoral campaign have taken to the web to attack rival Ken Livingstone, paying money to Google to display advertising on particular searched keywords. In typical blithering Boris fashion, however, the clumsy oversight of a typo has resulted in the incumbent mistakenly purchasing web ad-space for “Ken Livingstome” and not […]

Should we be worried for the health of Boris Johnson supporters? With yesterday’s shock poll coup placing Ken Livingstone ahead of the mayor in London voting intention, ConservativeHome have made the most ridiculous campaign attack of 2012: that a role on a Labour committee would make Livingstone a “part time” mayor. As Boris’ extended skiing […]

Blogger Guido Fawkes was left red faced this afternoon after inadvertently revealing the location of Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s family home. A blogpost referenced mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone’s new website, which features a photo of a group of Labour activists outside a house in Islington — but without anything to identify the occupant of […]

After Scrapbook rebutted several laughable attempts to link Ken Livingstone to Bob Crow and the RMT union, Boris Johnson’s campaign team stepped their smear campaign up a gear this week by enlisting the help of the cabinet. Transport secretary Phillip Hammond became the latest mouthpiece for their fibs, spinning to the Evening Standard that Livingstone was poised to […]

Boris Johnson’s campaign press team have over-active imaginations if Andrew Gilligan’s latest column is anything to go by. The Telegraph’s London editor tells us that the controversial equalities adviser Lee Jasper would make a return to City Hall if Ken Livingstone beats the Tory mayor in 2012’s election: “In recent months, despite Ken’s denials, the signs have […]

Is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson failing to distance himself from an increasingly unpopular Tory government? UK Polling Report write: First preferences apparently show Ken on 46%, Boris on 44%, with second preferences re-allocated Ken remains ahead on 51% to Boris’s 49%. But here’s the killer part: When ComRes last measured London mayoral voting intentions […]