Last night’s BBC mayoral debate saw Boris Johnson telling bare faced porkies, contradicting his own plans by claiming that transport fares in London “will go down” if he is elected. After Green candidate Jenny Jones highlighted that everyone on the platform — with the exception of Boris — had pledged to reduce fares, the mayor […]

With the Daily Telegraph’s Andrew Gilligan pouring derision on Ken Livingstone for trying to move the mayoral race away from negative campaigning, does the “journalist” protest too much? As noted by the blog Gilligan Watch, who have surveyed all of his ramblings, the number of attack posts Gilligan produces is frankly staggering. Andy has churned out 27 hatchet […]

After Labour’s HQ was stung by a series of damaging briefings to Guido Fawkes, yet another attempted crackdown on leaks is underway at Victoria Street this week, Political Scrapbook can reveal. Forced to bring their “Better off with Ken” launch forwards after Boris used the exact same phrasing, the Ken Livingstone campaign are now working […]

Doth the ladies at Guido Fawkes complain too much about the “leather-jacketed heavies” who apprehended their chicken as it attempted to doorstep Ken Livingstone: “It was a pretty hectic chicken raid, assorted Labour heavies got heavy.” But their own footage (video) shows a supposedly innocent chicken grabbing a campaign sign, with one appearing to strike an ITV camerawoman […]

The fiercely contested Mayoral showdown between Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson heated up today,  after the challenger and Labour candidate heaped pressure on the incumbent by signing a pledge to be a “One Job Mayor”, subsequently challenging Boris to do the same. However, those familiar with the nature of Boris’ mayoralty will likely be fully […]