Despite holding onto his office in the face of massive public unpopularity, George Osborne is being counted as one of the losers of the reshuffle raffle. A loser in reshuffle is Osborne. He tried to move IDS and failed plus now has Clarke as alternative economy spokesman. — Tim Montgomerie (@TimMontgomerie) September 4, 2012 A […]

It has emerged that Ken Clarke, whilst cutting over a hundred magistrates courts across the country, has spent £43m on consultants – more than wiping out the planned savings from maintenance costs. The closures are estimated to save £22m each year in maintenance costs, as part of a £2bn overall cuts plan across the Ministry of […]

The Spectator’s Parliamentarian of the Year awards took place last night. Highlights from the winners include: Campaigner of the year: Stella Creasy Survivor of the year: Chris Huhne Inquisitor of the year: John Whittingdale, on behalf of the Murdoch-grilling Culture Media and Sport Committee With attendant politicos and hacks rendered more forgiving by champagne, such […]

Illicit tobacco products confiscated by the UK Border Agency are being burnt in power stations, a freedom of information request has revealed. A request submitted by someone identifying themselves only as “Terry Sunshine” asks for details of “exactly what happens to tobacco products once seized by border control”, and, mischievously, goes on to express concerns about “second-hand […]

After his disastrous rape comments on Radio Five this week, Ken Clarke remarked it was “just his luck” to be dressed in black tie as he was doorstepped by the media (picture above) on Wednesday evening. It certainly seems his taste for the good life has not been tempered. Word reaches Scrapbook that Clarke, who laughed at reporters who […]

The growing scandal around Ken Clarke’s disgusting remarks on rape brought the following observation from Fraser Nelson earlier this afternoon: “By my count, this is five Cabinet members now in ‘dead man walking’ category: Clarke, Cable, Huhne, Spelman, Lansley. #zombiecabinet” Will someone please put them out of their misery?