This one won’t help ‘English meeja’/Scots nationalist relations — especially after Sky News owner Murdoch bottled a ‘Yes’ endorsement in the Scottish Sun. Broadcasting from Scotland, Kay Burley had some fun shaming a “lairy” independence campaigner, who she claimed “wants to take us off air”. What she didn’t realise, however, is that she had just been broadcast calling him […]

News addicts may recall Kay Burley’s hectoring questioning of Chris Bryant over phone hacking, culminating in the Rhondda MP describing the Sky News presenter as “a bit dim”. “Do you have evidence that [phone hacking is] endemic … pretty strong claim if you don’t” And while Burley’s detractors may delight in Bryant’s demands for an […]

In his conference speech yesterday, David Cameron praised 97 year old activist Harry Beckough for his service to the Tories down the years. As Guido has observed, Sky News ran a less than smooth live interview with Beckough, in which Kay Burley oscillates between patronising the nonagenarian (“you didn’t have 24-hour news when you first started!”) and getting her […]

As a good Catholic schoolboy, Scrapbook thought walking round with burnt bits of palm leaves smeared on his forehead was most entertaining. The practices of Ash Wednesday were evidently lost on Sky News’ Kay Burley this week as she proceeded to speculate at length as to why US vice-president Joe Biden “looks like he’s walked into a door”. Burley […]