The Department for Transport has failed to turn up at a ‘transport seminar’ organised by a Tory MP after Scrapbook highlighted his attempts to charge his own constituents £15 for entry to the event — at which the main attraction was public officials. Greedy Karl McCartney even wanted £5 merely to email a copy of a summary. Failing even to get a […]

A Tory MP is attempting to charge his own constituents a £15 fee to attend a seminar with representatives from councils, the Department for Transport and Network Rail — which are all public bodies. What’s more, Lincoln’s Karl McCartney even wants to extract payment from residents simply to email them a summary of proceedings at the event on Friday: Several transport users groups were […]

Claiming hackers were responsible for favourites on his Twitter account including bondage porn and an exchange with “Rate My Titties”, Tory MP Karl McCartney has actually written to Twitter to complain about their supposed poor security: “I am writing today to Twitter to express my concern that six months from a General Election the security of […]

Here’s something that won’t be going in Tory MP Karl McCartney’s glossy lifestyle magazine Lincoln Review, a publication distributed to residents which focuses entirely on himself: the following image favourited from his Twitter account at some point after 14 October: With possible excuses including “my account was hacked”, “it was a computer virus” and “my finger slipped”, McCartney has […]

With a significant proportion of political literature going straight from the doormat to the bin, parties are in the habit of disguising their output as ‘community newsletters’ and other things people might actually read. And while leaflets have been seen aping middle-market Hello and OK magazines, no candidate has yet been vain enough to produce a high-end ‘lifestyle magazine’ about […]

After his female Labour opponent was likened to a lingerie model, well-lunched sexist oaf and Tory MP Karl McCartney tried to evade criticism for supporting the attack by claiming it was funny. In what is clearly a reference to the furore, McCartney has now suggested that his opponents are thick to understand the ‘joke’: “With satire,the level of […]

Congratulations to sexist oafs @karlmccartney MP and Cllr @rgdavies, who have now made the Daily Mail. — Political Scrapbook (@PSbook) March 26, 2014 You can see how the saga unfolded on Scrapbook: MP jokes after female opponent compared to lingerie model Councillor sorry for bikini sexism — but Tory HQ silent Tory MP implies we […]

Shameless Tory MP Karl McCartney is not only refusing to apologise for endorsing a sexist attack on a female candidate — but has even re-tweeted a message from someone claiming they are “grateful”: “you have brought attention to a disgraceful and undemocratic thing- and I for one am grateful” McCartney had backed Cllr Richard Davies for […]

A Tory councillor who tweeted a picture of bikini-clad women in order to belittle a female candidate has apologised — but an MP who attempted to defend the sexist gaffe has refused. County councillor Richard Davies’ apology regarding the jibe at Labour’s Lucy Rigby (@LucyRigby) is currently leading BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s bulletins: having reflected on this […]