Vince Cable has failed to declare expensive polling of his constituency provided privately by his friend Lord Oakeshott. Surveys carried out by ICM and funded by the wealthy peer were a cornerstone of an abortive coup attempt against Nick Clegg — but haven’t yet appeared on the relevant parliamentary register. Along with a survey of his PPS Tessa […]

As Michael Crick observed earlier this week, a private constituency poll is a substantial donation-in-kind which should be declared as an interest by any MP lucky enough to receive one: Presumably Vince Cable was about to declare on right registers the gift of a expensive poll in Twickenham from his friend Matthew Oakeshott — Michael Crick (@MichaelLCrick) May […]

Do you have “creative flair, originality and a strong visual sense”? Then perhaps you could be Lib Dem HQ’s new airbrushing guru! With a requirement that the applicants are experienced with Photoshop, there is certainly significant scope to use this tool across a range of campaign materials. They can have this freebie courtesy of Scrapbook: Now what ties […]

The photograph of Nick Clegg and enemy of dry cleaning Julian Huppert brandishing their “pledge” on tuition fees may yet become the Liberal Democrats’ Bullingdon Club photo. Indeed, previously unreleased images obtained by the Von Pip Express confirm what many had hitherto suspected: underneath his worthless policy Clegg has concealed a number of other messages including “I just […]

So freshman Liberal Democrat Julian Huppert has rankled Tom Harris with his patronising suggestion that MPs should undergo a science training course so that they are “able to understand the information they were being presented with”. With a PhD in biological chemistry, brainbox Huppert churned out papers on such accessible topics as the “Prevalence of quadruplexes in the […]

As the political temperature cools in parliament’s approach to the summer recess, many members will still opt for an attire better adapted to an oftentimes hot and humid Westminster. But while they may look the part on the rack in Debenhams, the cream and tan shades of linen suits are unforgiving of MPs neglectful of their dry cleaning […]