With TV scalps including David Cameron and George Osborne, Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse have set the prank bar high with The Revolution Will Be Televised, which returns tonight at 10:30pm. How to top those? With a third series (and a bigger budget) the pair have been off to the US. While the Tea Party’s momma grizzly didn’t […]

Regular readers will know that Scrapbook has been awaiting the launch of Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinestein’s new TV show, The Revolution Will Be Televised, with much interest. In addition to giving Vince Cable a ‘thank you’ card from Tories (another cringe-worthy clip was released last month) a preview from BBC Three shows attempts to collect signatures to canonise, erm, […]

The new satirical show from the comedians who ambushed George Osborne with a GCSE maths book starts on BBC Three next month — and Scrapbook have a hilarious sneak preview of the first episode. In a reflection of the natural order of coalition politics, prankster Jolyon Rubinstein orders business secretary Vince Cable to get him a coffee while […]

Heydon Prowse, the editor of Don’t Panic magazine who filmed Alan Duncan claiming that MPs “have to live on rations and are treated like shit”, has been at it again. In his latest video, Prowse is joined by Jolyon Rubinstein as he stalks the streets of North London converting locals to the religion of New Politics™ and the […]