Labour’s choice for the #peoplesposter competition is coming in for a bit of a bashing but that doesn’t change the underlying message: turning the political clock back to free-wheeling Thatcherism would be a total disaster. There are other ways to get this across and John Prescott pointed to Scrapbook’s viewer-submitted video using Calvin Harris’ Acceptable in the 80s. […]

Earlier this week the Tories got all social meeja on us with a Facebook Q&A session entitled “Everything you’ve always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask George Osborne” “George Osborne answers your questions on the economy”: The idea was that the great unwashed enter questions using the Conservatives’ Facebook page which […]

Has the Romanian president been taking election campaign tips from our beloved John “two jabs” Prescott? Traian Basecu, who faces a run-off vote after leading his nearest rival by just 3% in an initial poll, is seen to apparently punch a child in the face at an election rally. Something was evidently lost in translation between […]

UPDATE: Scrapbook has had word that they’re now on £2,055 within just 24 hours from Twitter, Facebook and their own email list. Prescott reckons they’d be on £10,000 if they were using the official Labour email list. Go Fourth, the long-campaign electioneering vehicle started by John Prescott, Alistair Campbell and Glenys Kinnock, launched a fundraising […]