‘Red Ed’ was one of the principle anti-Miliband attack lines of the first two years of this parliament — a shorthand for his predilection, claimed by opponents of the Labour leader,  for regulating and/or nationalising anything that moves. And did you hear hear that his dad was a Marxist? Discussing “whether you actually have economic powers and resources” […]

After Political Scrapbook highlighted bizarre behaviour on his account, government minister Grant Shapps has denied using automated software to boost his following on Twitter, effectively claiming he follows and unfollows thousands of people each week — entirely by hand. Shapps told his local paper: “No-one else has access to my Twitter account … and the decisions as to […]

A parliamentary probe has been launched after Tory MPs denied tabling questions put down in their names, Scrapbook can reveal. The written questions related to spending on government credit cards — but the MPs for whom they were tabled had no idea what they had supposedly “asked”. With John Prescott accusing Eric Pickles’ DCLG of running a media “smear campaign” […]

A letter from ex-cabinet secretary Gus O’Donnell was subject to unauthorised censorship to remove references to fraud on government credit cards — and to Eric Pickles’ department being warned over media ambushes on ex-ministers. Images of signatures published below by Scrapbook, show the fake signature added to a letter — without permission from the UK’s most senior civil servant. As […]

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) have launched an investigation into a company contracted to supply fire marshals for the Olympic games, Political Scrapbook can reveal. In a letter (below) to John Prescott, home secretary Theresa May said that Close Protection UK (CPUK) would be probed after unpaid workers were forced to sleep rough in central London before the […]

Before reading the shipping forecast for Comic Relief at 5:20am on Saturday, former merchant seaman John Prescott remarked: “I used to sit in my bunk listening to it on the wireless. It has such a metronomic quality, like the rhythm of the sea. It feels like a poem.” Though Two Jags alludes to the musical […]

Typically elder statesmen take up roles as consultants, company directors, or chairmen of corporate boards. However former Deputy Prime Minister John, now Baron, Prescott has chosen a somewhat different way of keeping food on the table – joining the likes of veteran rocker Iggy Pop in selling car insurance. In an advertisement for Moneysupermarket.com Prescott […]