Yesterday’s Commons fixture with the Deputy Prime Minister wasn’t for the squeamish. In the words of Guardian sketch writer Simon Hoggart, “Question Time with Nick Clegg was awful, grim, nerve-shreddingly ghastly. You yearned for him to wake up, sweat soaking his pillow, realising it had all been a horrible dream, a mother’s soothing hand on his brow.” […]

Those independent bloggers will publish any old muck (just ask Nick Robinson or Andew Marr). So for a reliable, double-sourced take on developments in the Phil Woolas saga, Scrapbook headed to the Financial Times, where their Westminster Blog reports on the “mutiny” that took place during Monday’s regular meeting of the PLP: I’m told there was “real […]

Labour MP John Mann is to hand over the majority of his shadow cabinet votes to his local constituency party, Scrapbook can reveal. Earlier in the summer Mann organised a primary vote on the Labour leadership, sending ballot papers to 16,000 voters identified as Labour supporters in his Bassetlaw Constituency. On a 32% turnout Bassetlaw backed […]