It’s all going a bit Michael Martin for John Bercow: a Tory and Lib Dem ambush has thrown his speakership into question with the threat of a secret ballot to unseat him after the election. Into the breach, however, steps Bercow ally (and Tory MP) Julian Lewis, who has emailed the whole of parliament to declare Hague’s ruse an “unworthy manoeuvre” […]

As anyone who has watched BBC Parliament for more than ten minutes will know, one of speaker John Bercow’s favourites pastimes is reminding MPs how boorish they are — and that the public agree with him. Indeed, during PMQs last month he referenced the number of complaint letters he receives each week about “too much noise” […]

In the topsy-turvy world of Westminster, where it is apparently an accepted part of Commons culture for MPs to be “tired and emotional” in the chamber, Members were until recently banned from taking tea and coffee into meetings. But the Speaker’s office announced a ground-breaking policy shift in a memo to MPs yesterday: Mr Speaker […]

While known for his schoolmasterly dressing down of MPs, it seems John Bercow still has something to learn when it comes to discipline. During a recent debate in the Verkhovna Rada, lawmaker Oleg Lyashko called the vice-speaker a “pharisee” after he was blocked from making a speech. Adam Martynyuk responded by, erm, leaving his chair and grabbing […]

UPDATE: Apparently the children’s minister concerned was not Sarah Teather, as stated here previously, but her junior, Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families Tim Loughton. This gives us the perfect opportunity to reprint the front cover of Community Care magazine, from which Loughton pleads pathetically: “I want to be your friend”! Though the prime […]

The following piqued Scrapbook’s interest while reading the Hansard transcript of yesterday’s PMQs. What was noticeable was that only two Labour backbenchers who weren’t on the order paper were called by the Speaker. The first was Hazel Blears, who plugged Speaker Bercow’s internship scheme.  The second one was Sharon Hodgson, who asked David Cameron about the […]