Inquiry grilled Gove on his links to News Corp subsidiary Claims he never heard of company until Guardian article But spent two days with company boss months prior Despite his close links with Rupert Murdoch’s companies, Michael Gove told the Leveson Inquiry that he had never heard of News Corporation’s education subsidiary, Wireless Generation, until […]

An email obtained by Political Scrapbook provides yet more evidence of the friendship between Michael Gove and the man charged by Rupert Murdoch with mopping up the hacking scandal, Joel Klein. After Klein described the education secretary as a “hero” at a conference in January, a departmental email reveals Gove responded by sending “a little something” to […]

Following up on a Political Scrapbook report from July, the new issue of Private Eye features an interesting angle on Michael Gove’s relationship with high level directors in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. Last year, News Corp purchased Wireless Generation, a company which makes teaching assistance software, and hired former New York schools Chancellor Joel Klein […]

As the News International contagion spreads, Michael Gove has been conspicuously silent about his links to the Murdoch empire, including a £60,000+ annual contract and his close relationship with the man now charged with mopping up the scandal. A journalist by trade, Gove held a highly lucrative weekly columnist for The Times until 11 January 2010. Stangely, […]