Following a talk about the Great War at the Chalke Valley History Festival, one wily audience member asked Jeremy Paxman about his political leanings. The newly retired Newsnight anchor responded: “I have to be frank, I suppose I am a one-nation Tory, yes,” Telegraph arts hack Hannah Furness reports this was then followed up by asking him […]

Hypocrite Nick Clegg has accused Jeremy Paxman of “sneering” at politics — having run scared of an interview with the Newsnight anchor for his entire term as Deputy Prime Minister. The last televised exchange between the pair took place before the general election on 13 April 2010 — 28 days before he entered government. He told listeners to […]

Jeremy Paxman is thought to be among 148 BBC presenters channelling their earnings through “personal service companies” — with significant scope to avoid paying full tax. The figure was revealed by the corporation’s chief financial officer at a grilling by MPs from the Public Accounts Committee yesterday. While the broadcaster claim the companies are standard industry […]

Introducing an excellent Newsnight piece on UK Uncut yesterday Jeremy Paxman became the latest victim of BBC Tourette syndrome. Perhaps Scrapbook is assigning meaning here but did he appear to say: Supposing though, some of the people who ought to be paying taxes so the cunt’s cuts aren’t so bad aren’t actually doing so. Honestly, Jeremy. There’s […]

Screenwriter Jeremy Brock seemed to have an, ahem, idiosyncratic way of gesturing at Jeremy Paxman during a discussion of the Copiapó mining rescue (video still available on iPlayer): One assumes quite a number of guests have felt like doing this down the years.

For some reason, Wednesday saw the number of wingnuts parked outside the secure zone at Labour conference increase exponentially. Here Jeremy Paxman listens intently as a young activist explains how the Queen Mother flew the plane into the south tower in a massive conspiracy organised by Shergar and bankrolled by Lord Lucan: Ironically, it’s a bit hard to blog […]