The Tories still haven’t removed false claims on NHS spending from their website — at least 16 hours after being ordered to stop by the head of the UK Statistics Authority. Despite coverage in the mainstream press and on blogs, the site still reads: In an embarrassing letter sent addressed to health secretary Jeremy Hunt, […]

More than three weeks have passed since Jeremy Hunt was promoted to secretary of state for health, with industry sources indicating that he has been briefed to keep the NHS off the front pages at all costs. Perhaps this explains why he has yet to do a single interview, appear on any broadcast or make […]

Jeremy Hunt’s sudden promotion to Health Secretary raised many eyebrows across Westminster — and it seems that Conservative members and supporters share that concern. In a poll by Tory grassroots website ConservativeHome, voters said by 39% to 35% that the former Culture Secretary was not a good appointment. The move attracted heavy criticism, when it emerged […]

The evidence, including emails and texts, is out. When Adam Smith told Hunt that his decision not refer the BSkyB bid to the Competition Commission had an, erm, mixed reception, he replied: “… good to be a hate figure, Maggie would be proud of me!” In 1981 Margaret Thatcher famously waved Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of The Times […]

[update id=”update17″ time=”16:45″] Hunt’s account of Adam Smith’s resignation is particularly interesting: Jay: “Did you say to him at about 9.30 in the morning “‘everyone here thinks you need to go?’” Hunt: “Yes, I wasn’t particularly including myself in that description of ‘everyone’” And: Jay: “So if something had gone wrong…it theoretically fell within your […]

Creepy texts between Hunt and Murdoch lobbyist The pair repeatedly call each other “Daddy” Hunt compares himself to Clint Eastwood The text messages between Jeremy Hunt and Murdoch’s lobbyist are just plain embarrassing. FM: great announcement today. Well done JH: Merci papa […] FM: Full of energy and purpose on Andrew Marr! Liked your answer on Rupert and the […]

Amongst the myriad contradictions between Jeremy Hunt’s statements to parliament and evidence to the Leveson Inquiry — including lying that he had “absolutely no interventions” to influence the bid process when he had, in fact, lobbied the prime minister on it — perhaps the most amusing stems from one of his own planted questions: Richard Graham […]