Cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood has taken to his Civil Service Leaders blog to deliver a patronising beat down to 250,000 civil servants who will strike today. £200,000-a-year Heywood explains that the spirit of “public service” not only means ignoring an average £2,300 real terms pay cut, but that his own role can be compared with […]

Britain’s top civil servant has “reminded” Downing Street staff about security procedures after David Cameron’s director of communications was caught sneaking the Tories’ £500,000 election adviser Lynton Crosby into the back entrance of Number 10, Scrapbook can reveal. The letter from Sir Jeremy Heywood to Labour MP Sheila Gilmore will be seen as a censure for Craig Oliver, […]

Section mysteriously vanishes from letter to Prescott  Original letter contained slap-down for DCLG Top adviser confirms it was edited without permission Government attempts to explain why a sensitive letter from the UK’s most senior civil servant was altered without his knowledge had Guido Fawkes spinning for their mates over at DCLG earlier today. After a letter […]

Sub-editors at The Times covered themselves in glory this morning, confusing murdered expatriate — and alleged former MI6 spook — Neil Heywood with the prime minister’s most senior civil servant. The paper’s picture splash of murder suspect Gu Kailai alongside her husband, the (now earthbound) Communist Party rising star Bo Xilai was captioned: “She is a suspect in the death […]

David Cameron’s most senior civil service aide, Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood, has told the PM to scrap the Health Bill. The revelation exposes the extent to which Cameron and Lansley are isolated — even amongst their inner circle of Whitehall advisers. Sources to the Mirror’s James Lyons have revealed that Heywood has been arguing […]