While Boris Johnson enjoys front-page coverage for a poll claiming the Tories would be one point behind Labour if he was in charge, Scrapbook has uncovered yet more evidence of City Hall’s attempts to hide secret meetings between the mayor and News International staff as the phone hacking scandal exploded. Correspondence between officials in City Hall […]

Boris Johnson attempted to conceal a third meeting with News International, Political Scrapbook can reveal. After secret contacts with Rupert Murdoch and other senior executives, the failure to declare a lunch with James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks will inevitably lead to accusations of a systematic cover-up. The “working lunch” to discuss “commercial arrangements” on 20 May 2011 was: Not declared […]

Boris feigned innocence over News International school But emails reveal plans for tour with Murdoch and Brooks Boris talks over funding were at an “advanced stage” Boris Johnson’s foul-mouthed attack on a journalist (VIDEO) distracted Scrapbook from the substance of what he told a BBC camera crew yesterday. Before exclaiming that the awkward questions were “fucking bollocks”, the […]

Tom Watson and Martin Hickman’s new book reveals a lot about the machinations of News Corporation, but we weren’t expecting this: James Murdoch used to keep a gun under his desk. According to Dial M for Murdoch James dropped out of Harvard to found a hip-hop label, Rawkus Records, where he kept a firearm in his […]

Following two days of startling Leveson revelations, the usually indefatigable Scottish first minister Alex Salmond seems to be running scared. Scheduled to appear tomorrow night on BBC’s Question Time, Wee Eck has now pulled out and won’t be appearing after all. Yesterday, testimony to the Leveson Inquiry by James Murdoch revealed that the First Minister […]

Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt is fighting for his political life this afternoon, after Leveson inquiry testimony from James Murdoch. Rupert’s chosen son revealed that Hunt was closely co-operating with NewsCorp when he was supposedly acting in a quasi-judicial capacity in respect of Murdoch’s bid for BSkyB. Hunt asked NewsCorp to “work with his team” on an […]

Claims rival TV system hacked by Murdoch company James Murdoch was non-executive director Piracy led to demise of British rival ITV Digital While The Guardian published the claims of TV smartcard hacking last September, Panorama has a former TV pirate on record pointing the finger at News Corporation. Lee Gibling, who ran a hacking website, […]

While the timing of James Murdoch’s defenestration has taken the establishment by surprise — was the writing not on the wall two weeks ago? Lest we forget, Rupert was accompanied on his newsroom tour of The Sun not by James but by his older brother Lachlan. As the New York Times reported: “The presence of Lachlan […]

While committee chairman John Whittingdale looked on uneasily, Tom Watson ambushed James Murdoch in an exchange redolent of a legal drama. News Corporation’s Europe and Asia chief executive squirmed as a conversation NOTW chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck claimed he had with News International legal affairs manager Tom Crone (fingering Murdoch Jr) was read to the committee. […]

Charlie Brooker is one of the media bods forced to sit through James (spawn of Rupert) Murdoch’s MacTaggart Diatribe Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival last week.  Scrapbook can’t decide whether Brooker’s most appropriate comparison of Murdoch is with Niles Crane from Frasier or this: “James Murdoch is the closest thing the media has to […]