The launch of Breitbart UK sees yet another attempt — but not by Dan Hannan this time — to import US-style culture wars into Britain. Not good news for vaguely sensible right-wingers, as Tim Montgomerie observed yesterday: Not so good news for the emergence of a more electable Right in British politics — Tim Montgomerie […]

In a blog post linking to Scrapbook’s viral story from yesterday, the Daily Telegraph’s James Delingpole has waded into the “pretend disabled” debate — siding with, erm, Rod Liddle and adding an attack on charities for good measure. Despite his admission that he “recently suffered from an ME-like illness”, Delingpole agrees with Liddle’s sickening rant, singling out […]

Libertarian James Delingpole’s denial of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) would be a lot easier if people would, y’know, stop asking him awkward questions and stuff! On his Twitter bio Delingpole claimes: “I’m lovely and right about everything”. Better change the first bit. And the last bit actually.