Grant Shapps’ parliamentary bag carrier Jake Berry MP (above) has spent his morning attempting to introduce a bill — backed by ministers — designed to overturn a High Court ruling stating that “The saying of prayers as part of the formal meeting of a Council is not lawful under s111 of the Local Government Act 1972”. It may come […]

A Commons aide to Tory chairman Grant Shapps appears to have channelled thousands of pounds in campaign donations via his researcher’s flat — using a legal vehicle associated with a controversial loophole in electoral law. Lancashire MP Jake Berry is one of just eight Tories in ‘target holds’ that have received a majority of their declarable donations from unincorporated associations, which can be […]

Last week Scrapbook revealed the 27 Tory priority seats conspicuously reliant on the proceeds of donation laundering: the dodgy (but unfortunately entirely legal) practice of exploiting a loophole in election regulations to to raise the threshold at which identities of wealthy donors are revealed. An analysis of MPs whose local parties receive a majority of their declarable donations through so-called Unincorporated […]

The influence of Tory HQ can be felt on the selection to replace disgraced Nazi uniform enthusiast Aidan Burley MP — with the Conservatives picking an ally of Grant Shapps’ parliamentary bag carrier as their new candidate in Cannock Chase. While announcements for the selection of Amanda Milling (above with Boris) featured the usual spin about her tenuous connections with the […]

Plodding backbencher and sidekick to Grant Shapps, Jake Berry MP, looks to be getting nervous about his marginal Lancashire seat — lashing out at local rivals in a smear article on Guido Fawkes. The piece quotes an “anonymous source” on Berry’s northerly neighbour, Blackburn MP Jack Straw and his son Will, who is standing against Berry in 2015: “Like […]