In a discussion about Islamic ‘no-go zones’ in Western countries, a Fox News pundit has actually claimed that non-Muslims dare not enter Birmingham — and that London has Muslim religious police. “In Britain … there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in. Twitter has naturally exploded with lulz, using the hashtag #FoxNewsFacts […]

As perhaps the world’s most notorious practitioner of dog whistle race baiting, a party conference fringe event on Islamophobia might be the last place you would expect to find Lynton Crosby. But that is exactly where Cameron’s election guru spoke from the platform yesterday, apparently without irony, challenging Tory candidates to work with Muslim communities in their constituencies […]

A side-note on Sayeeda Warsi’s resignation has been Tory jitters over the electoral impact of their weak Gaza stance. The Times (£) quotes an anonymous minister: “Cameron has just blown us the election” This will lose us nearly all our ethnic support in the north and in seats like Luton.” But there’s no need to worry, according […]

David Cameron’s controversial guru Lynton Crosby plans to ignore black and Asian voters in his election planning — despite polls showing a significant proportion of minorities believe the Conservatives are hostile to them. The FT reports: Conservative insiders say Mr Crosby is concerned that trying to appeal to black and minority ethnic voters “muddies the message” The […]

The leader of the EDL has been caught distributing anti-semitic propaganda on Twitter. Tommy Robinson tweeted a link to a far-right website obsessed with highlighting Jewish figures in public life. Commenting “I hate Labour because of this”, Robinson linked to an article (NSFW) which follows an extract from a newspaper piece on immigration with the observation: “Of those […]

An EDL supporter has claimed he has “lost everything” after threatening to burn down a mosque. 27 year-old Steven Ballard complained to magistrates that he had been sacked from his job and dumped by his girlfriend for suggesting that Grimbsy Mosque should be set alight — just three days before other racists did precisely that. Convicted of […]