UKIP party bosses are standing by their candidate Dr Julia Gasper after Scrapbook exposed her sick claims that the Islam’s holiest book is worse than Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Despite claiming they do not support Gasper’s sick views, the party have refused to sack her, saying in a statement: “UKIP does not share her view, nor do we […]

Following on from claims in the latest New Statesman that George Galloway had converted to Islam ten years ago, the maverick Bradford West MP is apparently threatening to sue the magazine. The controversy over Galloway’s faith stems from the Bradford West by-election, in which leaflets were distributed strongly implying that he was more Muslim than Labour’s candidate Imran Hussain. […]

An interview with Jemima Khan in the latest New Statesman claims that George Galloway has converted to Islam: “George Galloway, MP for Bradford West, is a Muslim. He converted more than ten years ago in a ceremony at a hotel in Kilburn, north-west London, attended by members of the Muslim Association of Great Britain.” As Scrapbook reported previously, […]

Michael Gove has reignited a row over plans for a mosque in his constituency, remarking cryptically that there were “other reasons” it should not be built to replace an existing facility with no washing facilities or toilet. “It would mean the replacement of a handsome Victorian building with a building which would not fit in […]

Scrapbook is a bit late to this one but it deserves a better outing on this side of the pond. As shocked protesters in a Texan park looked on, a looney-tune “Christian group” planned to fulfill the promise of Walrus-U-Like pastor Terry Jones and actually burn Islam’s holiest text in public. Skateboarder Jacob Isom to the rescue: […]