When will some people realise that the internet is for life, not just for Christmas? If you are a reader of Recess Monkey or the Internet and have realised comments from a Liberal Monkey and you are wondering who he is, let me point you towards him. Liberal Monkey is yours truly, yep, it’s a name […]

UPDATE 10:06 D’oh! It seems Devil’s Kitchen had this yesterday. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey? UPDATE 10:11 This tweet from Hilton confirms it. But, seriously, what an odd name for a children’s entertainment group. Like the reformation of a once-beloved band, Recess Monkey wasn’t quite the same after returning from a hiatus of several months. It seemed […]

When Scrapbook and Pam Nash started poking a stick at the holy terror of Liberal Democrat blogging (not the first to do so) the last expectation was that the latest spat would culminate in local newsaper coverage in Mr. Ahmed’s native Pendle. Suffice it to say that his insensitive comments on troop deaths did not go down […]

A former president’s unofficial holiday to the Korean peninsula has generated some highly amusing snaps. Front row below (from left to right) William Jefferson Clinton (6 feet 1 inches) and Kim Jong-Il (5 feet 3 inches): The camera angle makes it difficult to see if the Dear Leader is wearing his platform shoes again. But […]

You’ve got to hand it to this man’s way with words: “The Conservatives are still fresh cakes that have come out of the oven, they haven’t smelt the custard [sic]” — Irfan Ahmed