The full MP expenses for 2014/15 are out. This year IPSA has included a list of MPs who have run up bad debts to the taxpayer through over-claimed/ineligible expense claims — including via publicly-funded corporate Barclaycards. They have all been contacted several times — but have refused to pay it back.

With a question mark over whether Nick Clegg is using his MPs’ expenses to cream off money for his local party, the deputy prime minister has continued to insist that he pays “market rates” to rent office space from Sheffield Hallam Liberal Democrats. But documents obtained by Scrapbook show that his office apparently withheld crucial information from […]

Politicians spending £3.6 million on renting their offices from local parties who own property is one thing (regular readers will be familiar with Ed Davey’s office expenses). But the contrived arrangement of a party renting a building they do not own to sub-let to the MP at the taxpayers’ expense — rather than the MP renting directly — is a cash […]

As Scrapbook alluded last week, the enterprising arrangements in Ed Davey’s constituency office don’t stop at election printing (the matter is now in the hands of the Metropolitan Police). The secretary of state for climate change rents his south west London office from Kingston Liberal Democrats, who trouser the proceeds while Davey claims it all back on […]

While the IPSA expenses claims website went live last December, it seems the media may have missed the story of MPs’ miniscule submissions that cost more to process than is paid out.  Official records detail requests for reimbursement of tiny figures that put that put Jacqui Smith’s infamous 88p bath plug in the shade: Exchequer Secretary […]

As Mark Pack observes, it’s good to see that the refrain “have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?” is alive and well on the parliamentary estate: John Mann: To ask the hon. Member for Broxbourne, representing the Speaker’s Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, for what reason the hon. Member for […]