As the former enfant terrible of government advisers — and no less of an embarrassment to the Tories having left the employ of Michael Gove — Dominic Cummings was destined to give good quote in his speech (VIDEO) to wonkers IPPR yesterday afternoon: “[Number 10] operate in a bubble in which it is at most 10 days […]

The Tories’ attempts to refer a left-wing think tank to the Charity Commission have backfired in exactly the manner Scrapbook predicted on Tuesday — with an audio recording of David Cameron’s speech to a right-wing counterpart revealing similar links between wonks and Westminster. Conservatives having already installed their placeman as Charity Commission chair, government bag carrier Charlie Elphicke complained about […]

Constitutional academic, and one time tutor to David Cameron, Vernon Bogdanor launched his new book at the offices of the IPPR think tank yesterday. To thank him for his troubles, light-fingered policy wonks relieved the author of several copies of The Coalition and the Constitution without paying for them. The debacle led to the following […]

James Purnell, who has occupied his time since standing down from the cabinet and then parliament with Demos and London Citizens, is to chair the Institute for Public Policy Research. UPDATE Purnell’s quote in the press release: “I am thrilled to be taking on the role of chair at ippr, an organisation I know well […]