“It can only be a matter of time before the Information Commissioner comes knocking.”, claimed Scrapbook back in June, when we reported on the case of a payday loan company that was sending out fake text messages purporting to be from recipients’ friends. The ICO didn’t so much knock as blow the house in — with a £175,000 […]

The Cabinet Office and Department for Transport could face fines worth hundreds of thousands of pounds following a warning issued by the Information Commissioner today. The ICO’s warning relates to the use of cookies on the Cabinet Office website, which breaks new EU regulations. The new rules require sites to obtain consent before saving cookies […]

The government aren’t happy to hear that the number of Freedom of Information requests is increasing year on year; so much so that they’re planning to introduce a range of tariffs to restrict Freedom of Information requests. But at least there’s someone to blame: Eric Pickles. The government’s “transparency agenda” is leading to the rise in […]