The public body responsible for enforcing compliance with the Freedom of Information Act is currently subject to a complaint from its own staff — for, errrr, failing to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. With a pay dispute raging at the Information Commissioner’s Office, the regulator has not only ignored an FOI request on an 11% raise for three senior […]

UPDATE: Audio now available below Speaking on Today earlier, Boris Johnson clearly wasn’t keen on discussing his barmy proposals that strike ballots should be subject to different turnout thresholds than his own election — a rule which would see him banned from office. But when pressed by Justin Webb, he implied that the four-year mayoralty was somehow […]

Council bosses in Michael Gove’s own constituency have placed themselves at odds with the education secretary over suggestions that parents should help to break tomorrow’s pension strike by teaching unions, Scrapbook can reveal. Surrey County Council, in which lies Mr Gove’s constituency of Surrey Heath, have warned headteachers not to allow parents or other volunteers to prevent […]