With Nigel Farage launching the party’s election immigration platform earlier today, former Conservative party MEP Roger Helmer claimed it was “the best political press event I’ve ever seen”: Our UKIP immigration policy launch today in London was quite possibly the best political press event I've ever seen. — Roger Helmer (@RogerHelmerMEP) March 4, 2015 But it didn’t take long for […]

With UKIP’s immigration policy launched at an event in the last hour, something tells Scrapbook that the configuration of candidates and activists surrounding Nigel “It’s okay to call someone a Chinky” Farage was somewhat less than random. It’s a ruse they’ve used before. Here’s Pakistani heritage then UKIP candidate Amjad Bashir in October 2013: Fifteen months later, however, […]

It seems that Tory-supporting technologist James Dyson is upset about the home secretary’s UKIP-inspired plans to ramp down on the number of foreign students: “Theresa May’s latest ploy to swing voters concerned about immigration magnifies my worry: she wants to exile foreign students upon qualification from British universities. This is the same James Dyson that, four […]

A UKIP councillor has tried to blame immigrants … because he is behind on his own council tax. Portsmouth’s Paul Godier was banned from voting on proposals for £13.1m worth of cuts at Portsmouth City Council because he is behind on payments to the authority. It has not been revealed how much he owes. And […]

One for the ignorant Tories — such as millionaire minister Lord Freud — claiming that the growth in food banks is driven by demand for freebies (you actually have to be referred by an approved outside body). Above is pictured Tylorstown Conservative Club in the Rhondda, which is now a, errrr, food bank. The ironic change […]

The Daily Mail have been forced to retract claims made about flights and buses being “fully booked” with economic migrants from Romania and Bulgaria. As restrictions on workers from the EU accession countries were set to expire on 1 January, the paper ran a story headlined “Sold out! Flights and buses full as Romanians and Bulgarians head […]

The moment that Tory MP and woman of letters Priti Patel stretched the “it’s all Labour’s fault” narrative past breaking point: @PSbook Mark was the most effective Immigration Minister in over a decade.His case date's to2007 when the system under Lab was broke&chaotic — Priti Patel (@pritipatelmp) February 9, 2014 It’s a wonder Len McCluskey didn’t […]

Immigration minister Mark Harper has resigned for — prepare yourselves — employing an illegal immigrant! It turns out that his cleaner was working for him without necessary permits. The Home Office caused outrage with its inflammatory immigration rhetoric on Harper’s watch — including the notorious Racist Van and the following social media campaign from the […]

Conservative MPs are pictured delivering an immigration petition to Downing Street on the front of the Daily Express this morning. Not only are they all white — but census statistics reveals that the Little Englanders’ constituencies have HALF the immigration of the rest of their nation. The 2011 census shows that 8.3% of people in England are non-British, […]