A Christian charity has been subjected to the usual Tory punishment beating after issuing legal challenges on behalf of vulnerable victims of the Bedroom Tax and disability benefit reforms. A “source close to Iain Duncan Smith” briefed the Sunday Times (£) of Zaccheuss 2000 Trust, whose patrons include the Archbishop of Canterbury: “Our welfare reforms are about transforming lives and […]

Iain Duncan Smith has slammed Ed Balls for suggesting tradesmen should supply a receipt when accepting cash payments: “Here we have a man that would be the Chancellor who is wandering around saying Big Brother is going to watch you carefully that if you do any tax transactions and don’t keep receipts, somehow they’re going to […]

With Iain Duncan Smith touring the Potemkin Village jobcentres actually delivering Universal Credit last week, DWP spinners may regret inviting the local press — after a member of staff told the work and pensions secretary to his face that his flagship initiative was hamstrung by “regular glitches” and “poor communication” from officials. The trip went off-message on a visit to Nelson jobcentre in East Lancashire, […]

Iain Duncan Smith has finally admitted that the use of food banks is linked to delays in his own department paying benefits — having previously attacked a charity for “scaremongering” when they suggested precisely that. In amongst the usual IDS lies and bluster, Sunday Politics’ longest ever interview contained this concession to Andrew Neil: AN: So you don’t agree with […]

A former confidant of Iain Duncan Smith has dramatically turned on him over Universal Credit, making claims in a radio interview that completely undermine not only press briefings on the botched project — but statements by the cabinet minister to parliament. Stephen Brien is credited as being the ‘architect’ of Universal Credit. Having developed the policy while working at […]