The past twelve months (and prior) have seen several very popular blogs either shut down or change editorial hands. As the year draws to a close, what better opportunity to reflect on those bloggers “no longer with us”. Starring Iain Dale, Tom Harris, Derek Draper and others, we’ve finally completed our end-of-year video. This is our tribute […]

It may have something to do with Westminster’s exodus for Cliff Richards’ villa a yacht in Corfu the outskirts of Dear Old Blighty, but Scrapbook can’t help noticing the number of bloggers on the airwaves of late. Tory Bear’s hour-long LBC love-in with Red Ken on Saturday morning was followed by the appearance of not one but three online hacks […]

UPDATE: Those who would prefer a more cerebral analysis (without another list!) should check out Sunder Katwala’s post from yesterday. In the wake of Tweetminster’s report on Twitter and UK politics, Left Foot Forward have re-ordered Iain Dale’s list of the “Top 20 Labour Twitterers” using Edelman’s TweetLevel service. One of the headline findings from Tweetminster’s […]

On Sunday evening Iain Dale posted some extremely sloppy climate change denial ‘science’ submitted by one of his readers.  Scrapbook won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that the whole effort was completely and utterly flattened by Unity (@Unity_MoT) at Liberal Conspiracy and also by the Freethinking Economist. When it eventually came, the update […]

Iain Dale’s shortlisting to replace Andrew “double-dipping” Mackay in Bracknell offers the possibility that the Conservative’s number one blogger will finally come ‘full circle’ – his online diary was started originally for his campaign in North Norfolk. Dale discusses all things Bracknell with Jonathan Shepherd of Tory Radio in the clip below: [gplayer href=”″]Iain Dale discusses Bracknell […]