Senior Tory lives in home bought with government-backed mortgage Benefits from interest-free lending while others struggle Hypocrite voted to allow massive hikes on student loans Help To Buy is spun as a government scheme which is offering young people the chance for their family to own a home. Young people like … errrrrrr … 63 year-old Tory MP and eurosceptic leader Peter Bone.

More on the “success” that is Iain Duncan Smith’s Universal Credit: Last year social landlords were warning that replacing housing benefit (with payments to them) with Universal Credit (and direct payments to tenants) would prove a nightmare for those that had difficulty managing their money — and could possibly lead to evictions. And so it has […]

Labour’s plans for three-year tenancy agreements and predictable rent changes have been described as “Venezuelan-style rent controls” by the Tories — hardly a surprise given that nearly a third of their MPs are landlords. Analysis of the current Register of Members’ Interests conducted by Scrapbook shows that 89 of the entries for the Tories’ 305 MPs contain references to “rental […]